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The Diamond Head Hike

Every vacation should come with a little adventure and on the island of Oahu, tackling those thrills can be as easy as booking this Diamond Head Hike! Diamond Head Hike Map and Luau Serving as a staple feature of Oahu, Diamond Head was formed over 150,000 years ago during the Honolulu Volcanic Event. Over the years, it has served as a culturally important volcanic tuff and today is the site of the island’s most exciting hiking experience.

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Diamond Head and Luau

The Hawaiian luau is ingrained in local tradition, an event that was once meant to celebrate a victory or birth. Today, the luau is a welcoming party to new and returning travelers to the islands, a means of introducing and immersing tourists into the historic culture of the islands. On the southeastern coastline of Oahu, the towering formation of Diamond Head hosts a luau that combines all of the traditional elements of a Hawaiian luau with a couple of unexpected offerings.

The Military History of Diamond Head

Diamond Head, on the island of Oahu, holds a special significance to the tropical paradise in a variety of ways. Every visitor catches a glimpse of the iconic volcanic crater as their inbound flight swoops past. It’s also one most trekked trails on Oahu—welcoming over...

The Diamond Head Lighthouse

Diamond Head, on the island of Oahu, got its name from the glinting calcite crystals that sailors mistook for diamonds. Despite the fact that diamonds were never found at the historic crater, the name stuck. However, after two different ships were grounded on the reef...

Diamond Head’s Volcanic Origins

Diamond Head Crater, located to the east of Waikiki, is one of the first sights many visitors glimpse as their planes bank toward Honolulu’s airport. Glinting in the bright Hawaiian sun, rising just short of a thousand feet above sea level, it’s easy to see how one of...

Exploring A Natural Wonder: Conquering Diamond Head

Approaching the island of Oahu by air from the southeast, you find yourself gazing over land filled with lush greenery and scattered cities and towns. The most striking feature, however, is not the abundance of flora or the towering buildings dotted throughout, but...

The Many Offerings of Diamond Head

Tours and Experiences If you come in from the southern shoreline of the island of Oahu, one of the first things you’ll take notice of is a towering natural formation right at the edge of the coastline. Serving as an eastern backdrop to the city of Honolulu and the...

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