Waikiki Shell by Diamond Head

Waikiki Shell

Waikiki Shell

On the southeastern shore of Oahu sits the bustling resort area known as Waikiki, famous for its golden sandy shores and facilities to keep masses of tourists entertained. Helping to provide that high level of entertainment is the aptly-named Waikiki Shell, a structure in Kapiolani Park known for hosting countless events since its construction in 1956.

Owned and operated by the Neal S. Blaisdell Center, the Waikiki Shell accommodates 2,400 people, making it a sizable venue for many large, high-profile concerts.

Waikiki Shell modeled after a shell

Why Waikiki Shell?

Every venue comes with its own assortment of perks, and the Waikiki Shell is no exception. Beyond its ample seating, the Shell is a leading entertainment venue equipped to handle concerts of any technical level. Professional lighting, state-of-the-art sound equipment, dressing rooms, and the large, covered stage are ideal for any performer, but it’s the audience that gets the real thrill.

The lush greenery of the island can be seen all around the venue while the cooling breeze from the Pacific coast is a reminder just how close the beach really is. In the distance, serving as the backdrop to this incredible venue, is Oahu’s iconic natural formation, Diamond Head Crater. Formed over 150,000 years ago during the Honolulu Volcanic series, the crater is one of the most prominent features of the island.

The Waikiki Shell was constructed right in the midst of a beautiful tropical environment. To one side, there are the towering structures of Honolulu, representing man’s touch on the island, while the other side is towered over by the breathtaking Diamond Head State Monument.

Shows at the Waikiki Shell

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